vyb000 (May 2001)

These recordings were made in an improvisatory fashion, in one take, utilizing extended techniques on an Alesis QSR sound module in conjunction with a simple MIDI input controller. Techniques used are detailed below:

Onboard volume control manipulation.

The QuadraSynth uses a PCMCIA slot for expanding its onboard memory, and allows for using more sound patches than the module was shipped with. While one of these expanded patches is in use, it is expected that the PCMCIA card with that patch on it shall remain plugged into the module. When the card is removed, a variety of electronic short-circuit sounds are generated.

Once the PCMCIA card is inserted and removed several time, the MIDI "note off" message is ignored. This allows freedom for both hands to manipulate the output of the synthesizer.

Different sound patches on the QSR have varying resonance properties. For example, the Water!!! patch generates an ambient "whale call" effect (as heard prominently in Lorem Ipsum Dolor) regardless of what notes are being played. Other patches' properties are more subtle, usually adding just a slight echo or flange effect.

Altering the QSR's clock from internal to an external source (without an external clock plugged in) causing a light, fuzzy static to replace what is being sounded.

As requested, a tape recorded was used to layer text in with the first two etudes. However, the last two remain textless to fully expose the timbres explored in my recorded improvisation.

  1. Lorem Ipsum Dolor 4’09”
  2. Penultimatum 2’00”
  3. Pandemonium 3’37”
  4. Aftermath 7’21”
For more information about this release, contact vybeauregard [AT] gmail [DOT] com.