RPM 2010, checkpoint #1

Halfway through February, I think it’s an appropriate time to announce that we are indeed doing an album for Record Production Month. Our first recording session was last night and can be viewed on-demand on our livestream page.

Last night’s session involved zero preparation and three special guests: Curtis McKinney on Bass with SuperCollider effects, Tommy Scheurich on Tubulon, and Dexter Ford on Bass with a pedalboard full of effects.  The sub-ensembles that resulted included a bass duel, a Casio orgy, a vocal sextet and a Flute/Sax/Guitar/Tubulon ensemble.

The pieces are yet to be named.

Timbill has composed instructions for an improvisation (for up to twenty performers) based on the Doomsday Clock entitled Gladly Transform Cold, Smoky Codas. We’ll probably run through that next Thursday.

I still haven’t personally written any music for the album, and I’m not sure I will.  Keeping the record 100% improvisatory has a distinct appeal to it, especially considering the timeframe we’re working with, and last year’s last-minute scramble to save several wasted recording sessions.

Besides, improv is what we do best.

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