RPM 2010 Challenge Complete, New Store, and Twitter Feed

This month, Gyrophonia has a new crowning achievement; a double album. 103 minutes + 14 tracks + all free improv + 3 two-to-three hour sessions + 6 musicians (including 3 guest demons) = Demons of Gyrophonia & the Rotatable Tremulant All-Stars. We’re all extremely happy with how it turned out–it’s obscenely good. Even if you’re not usually into avant-garde music, you should give it a listen, preferably with a good pair of headphones.

Images of the artwork and Photos from some of the sessions can be viewed here. We even have videos of the performance of about half the tracks. Man vs sun hasn’t uploaded all of them yet, but you can check out the videos for three of the four tracks that we’ve posted so far to MeFi, so far.

Track Listing for the album is as follows:

01. Hypoxia (Styrofoam/Bass Intro)
02. Heist! (Delayed Bongo Improv)
03. In the Region of Leeds (Accordion Duel)
04. Trek of the Nautilus (Theremin solo, theremin/flute/alto/voice improv)
05. Homemade Napalm, Pt. II (All-Star noise jam)
06. Bushido (Bass Flute solo)
07. The Dissociative Unhappening (Tutti improv)

08. Take Up Yer Cudgels (Bass Duel)
09. Ceylon Timaliid (Recordaphone/bass flute/viola/tubulon quartet)
10. Differential Spectrum Radiation (Bass/viola/flute trio)
11. Sanctus langanum Immolare (Viola solo)
12. Rhu-Zhi-Bureth (Bass/Bari duo)
13. Étude Chronographique (Viola/tenor duo)
14. Éxi Láryngas (vocal improv)

Final play time: approx. 103 minutes

Oh, feel free to buy it, too, at our new store.

For anyone on Twitter, you can now follow us online at www.twitter.com/gyrophonia.  It will auto update with info about new tracks, webcasts, and whatever other random useless info Trey, Melissa, and I decide to spew forth.

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