We kind of…recorded a new album Thursday night.  We didn’t plan to record an album worth of material in a single night; it just kind of happened. The first notes of the album were played a bit after 8pm, and it was all done in about an hour and a half (counting a 20 minute break in the middle).  The next night, as Trey and I were going over the recordings, we realized we had 42 minutes and change of material, and it worked pretty well together.  The only regret is that Melissa wasn’t with us that night, due to a previous, rather exciting engagement.

The end result is An Evening With… A seven-part suite of improvisation, all recorded in a single night, completed and published within 27 hours of its start.  The majority of it can easily stand up alongside our February release, Demons of Gyrophonia & the Rotatable Tremulant All-Stars, and we think the instrumentation and textures explored here worked quite well as a whole.  The album, like all our others, can be streamed for free online at our BandCamp store.


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